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Why Every Young Adult Should Prioritize Estate Planning

It’s a common misconception that estate planning is only necessary for the elderly or the wealthy. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Regardless of age or financial status, having a well-thought-out estate plan is crucial for everyone, especially for young adults. First and foremost, let's dispel the myth that estate planning is solely about distributing assets after death. [...]

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Hiring an Estate Planning & Administration Lawyer

Every area of the law abounds with issues which require specialized knowledge of the law and of the court system. It’s easy for most individuals to get lost in a maze of complex procedures and legal terms. A trusting relationship between a law firm and client is essential. The team at Comitz Law answers questions, calms fears, and understands our [...]

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Estate Administration: Debt After Death

Distributing estate assets to heirs and beneficiaries is one the most well-known roles of a personal representative. Before this duty can be carried out, the personal representative must ensure that the estate’s debts are paid off using estate assets.   Who Pays the Debt of a Decedent? When a person passes away with debt, the estate is typically liable to [...]

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Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning is a complex process that can lend itself to numerous mistakes if not established by a knowledgeable professional. The top mistake? Not having an estate plan. While most adults can benefit from an estate plan, only 33% of Americans have such a plan. The biggest reason for the low percentage is “just not getting around to it”. Some [...]

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Why Do Need To Hire an Attorney?

Challenges abound in every area of the law, requiring specialized knowledge of the law and of the court system. Without a qualified attorney to provide that knowledge, one can get lost in a maze of complex procedures and Latin legal terms. Ad litem. Respondeat superior. Quantum meruit. In articulo mortis. Res ipsa loquitur. Quid pro quo. Ad damnum. Pro se.  [...]

ESTATE PLANNING: Preserving YOUR ASSETs, Protecting Your Family, and ENSURING YOUR Medical PREFERENCES

While we can’t predict the future with absolute accuracy, we can plan for it. Estate planning can provide a degree of certainty in an uncertain world. Typically consisting of a number of legal documents, an estate plan serves to provide for loved ones after death and ensure that assets are distributed in a timely manner. The minimization of expenses and [...]

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