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Negligence in Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents can have a number of causes, including but certainly not limited to: distracted driving a poorly-maintained vehicle driver fatigue hazardous weather conditions disregarding traffic laws Driver negligence can play a role in any of those scenarios. For example, driving in a torrential downpour without slowing down can end in a collision with another vehicle.   What is Negligence? [...]

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When Injuries Don’t Manifest Themselves Immediately

A 32-year-old patient visits a primary care clinic complaining of bloating. A CT scan of her abdomen reveals two masses with strings attached to them. The objects turned out to be two gauze sponges left inside of her after two routine procedures. One was six years earlier, the other nine years earlier. The sponges had become attached to the patient’s [...]

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Why Do Need To Hire an Attorney?

Challenges abound in every area of the law, requiring specialized knowledge of the law and of the court system. Without a qualified attorney to provide that knowledge, one can get lost in a maze of complex procedures and Latin legal terms. Ad litem. Respondeat superior. Quantum meruit. In articulo mortis. Res ipsa loquitur. Quid pro quo. Ad damnum. Pro se.  [...]

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The unexpected death of a loved one can be a life-altering event - one fraught not only with emotional pain but also fear about financial uncertainty.  A successful wrongful death lawsuit can result in substantial compensation, providing a certain measure of financial security. As set forth in Pennsylvania's Wrongful Death Act (42 Pa.C.S. § 8301), “An action may be brought, [...]

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Water Park Dangers: Injuries and Illnesses

Every year, millions of people flock to our nation’s 1,000+ water parks. Unfortunately, for some, fun in the sun can turn into injury and illness. Fatal injuries can also occur at waterparks, although they are rare. However, anywhere there is water, drowning is always a frightening possibility. Common Water Park Injuries Certain injuries occur at water parks on a regular [...]

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