Some lawyers love to brag about their victories. Well, it's not a win or a victory if the lawyer rejected the insurance company’s offer of $1,000,000.00, only to be awarded $500,000.00 by a jury.

comitz law firm victories

The trial lawyers at Comitz Law Firm, LLC focus on getting the best result for the client because after all, it’s the client’s victory that counts.  We are proud of our track record but most importantly the clients we represent.  We want to share with you a few examples of some of the lawsuits we have been involved with because at the end of the day, it is our client’s wins and victories that matters to us.

  1. $24,000,000.00  Lawsuit involving devastating losses caused by a fire as a result of the negligence of several defendants.
  2. $22,000,000.00  Lawsuit involving property rights of competing construction firms.
  3. $6,000,000.00  Lawsuit involving business valuations.
  4. $2,225,000.00  Lawsuit involving the death of a pedestrian as a result of the negligence of a bus company.  This was one of the largest bus/truck crash related victories in Pennsylvania.  Our attorneys fought the giant insurance company who initially offered only $300,000.00 and forced them to pay our client.
  5. $615,000.00 Combined lawsuit and workers compensation claim filed and settled against oil / gas company for injuries suffered by our client when he was injured working on a gas rig.  We made the companies executives from Texas travel to Pennsylvania to explain their defenses and they could not.  Employee safety is key and they were ignoring that by putting money over safety.
  6. $400,000.00 Lawsuit involving motorcycle crash.  Rider was sideswiped by elderly driver who crossed over into his lane of traffic.
  7. $398,000.00 Lawsuit involving a defrauded shareholder in local company.  The defendant initially wanted to pay our client pennies on the dollar.  We aggressively pursued them, froze their assets and made them finally pay every last dime.
  8. $390,000.00 Lawsuit against insurance company for failing to properly evaluate and pay a claim for a terrible car accident in which our client suffered serious physical and mental injuries.  This was an uninsured motorist claim because the third party who caused the accident did not have a license or insurance to compensate our client.  The client’s insurance company initially only wanted to pay $50,000 but we were able to resolve difficult insurance issues in our client’s favor.  Start to finish we settled this case for our client quickly.
  9. $390,000.00  Lawsuit involving claims of bad faith and breach of contract stemming from a car crash.  Insurance company initially denied the claim and we forced them to pay our client.  The insurance company knew if they went before a jury they would have had no defense.
  10. $360,000.00 Lawsuit involving tractor-trailer crash.  Driver was rear-ended on I83 in York, PA by a truck driver who was not paying attention.  The Defendant actually argued it was not his fault but we overcame this position favorably for our client.
  11. $300,000.00 Settlement within a few months of taking the case in a medical malpractice case where the doctor gave the patient too much of a certain medication causing unnecessary medical complications for our client.
  12. $300,000.00 Lawsuit involving front-end car crash.  Driver was blind-sided by a reckless driver who ran a red light in Dallas, PA.  Case resolved in 3 months.
  13. $250,000.00 Lawsuit against a landlord for a slip and fall accident where our client suffered a serious knee injury when she fell on poorly constructed stairs.  Even though there were warning signs that said “watch your step” we proved those signs were ineffective and not properly positioned.
  14. $250,000.00 Lawsuit involving faulty product.  Complex products case that another lawyer rejected claiming it was too difficult of a case.  We took the case, pushed it to trial and recovered an excellent award for our clients.
  15. $200,000.00  Settlement involving out of state passenger / client who was rear-ended in a construction zone.  Case resolved in less than a year for the client proving we take our client’s cases very seriously whether they are local or out of state.
  16. $200,000.00 Lawsuit involving motorcycle crash.
  17. $186,000.00 Lawsuit involving rear-end car crash.  Insurance company offered $25,000; jury awarded client over seven times that amount.
  18. $99,500.00 Lawsuit involving assault in parking lot of bar.  Bar patron viciously assaulted by loiterers outside well-known club in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Case resolved in 8 months.
  19. $75,000.00 Settlement for motorcycle crash.  Despite the liability being difficult to overcome with some of the fault on our own client, we aggressively recovered the insurance policy amount available.