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What Our Clients Are Saying

I’m an 8th grade teacher and (more importantly) a mother. My eldest son Liam will be old enough to get his permit in a couple weeks – a terrifying realization for any mother (though no longer being his chauffeur does have its benefits!). He’s been chomping at the bit to drive, so I told him we would do some preemptive research. Your Distracted Driver Accidents page is one of the ones we came across and appreciated. Thank you for putting these resources out there to help young drivers, and ease the minds of concerned parents.
Laura D.
A few years ago my father was in a very bad motorcycle accident. With 900k in doctor bills and her insurance company giving us the run around, I called Attorney Comitz. He was amazing with my parents and worked long and hard on my dad’s case. I really don’t know what we would have done without Attorney Comitz. If you need a lawyer, he is the one to call.
Butch F.
I most value the rock solid and consistent legal advice Jonathan provides and his ability to just level with me when necessary. He is an authentic scholar and counselor of the law. A pro in the courtroom. Excellent listener, quick thinker, good negotiator and able to bring it all right back around to the fundamentals and the facts.

Dear Attorney Comitz, My thanks to you and Jeremy for fighting a good fight for me.  The insurance company didn’t make it easy.  I am glad that they had to pay.

Lillian S.
Jonathan has handled 2 cases for me – a non-compete agreement and an auto accident injury case. Very trustworthy. Went above and beyond my expectations.
Handled a complex contract case for me. Went against my ex-partner who had a big firm defending him and we beat them in trial. Great trial lawyer. Well worth the money.
Rick S.
Mr. Comitz is a dedicated attorney, one of the most trustworthy men I have ever had the opportunity to know. He has the utmost integrity and deserves respect from all. He is a true family man and a pillar of his community. I hold him in the highest regard.
Richard S.
Great people to do business with. Jonathan and his staff are extremely nice and great to work with. I would highly recommend Jonathan and anyone in the practice to everyone.
Tanya S.

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