The Importance of Hiring a Family Lawyer

In the intricate web of legal matters that affect families, having a knowledgeable attorney by your side can make all the difference. Pennsylvania, like many states, presents unique challenges and regulations when it comes to family law. From divorce proceedings to child custody battles, the complexities demand the knowledge of a professional. Here’s why hiring a family lawyer in Pennsylvania [...]

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Stay Safe on Snowy Roads: Winter Driving Tips from Comitz Law

As the snow begins to blanket the scenic landscapes of Pennsylvania, winter driving demands extra caution and preparation. While the serene snowfall can be enchanting, it harbors potential dangers for motorists. Each year, we assist numerous clients involved in winter-related accidents. To minimize risks, we've compiled a few essential winter driving tips. Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Before the heavy [...]

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Hiring an Estate Planning & Administration Lawyer

Every area of the law abounds with issues which require specialized knowledge of the law and of the court system. It’s easy for most individuals to get lost in a maze of complex procedures and legal terms. A trusting relationship between a law firm and client is essential. The team at Comitz Law answers questions, calms fears, and understands our [...]

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What Is a Tort?

Tort. The term derives from the Latin, tortum, meaning “something twisted, or crooked.” If someone has wronged you, tort law might provide a way to set things straight. A tort is a civil wrong that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm, resulting in legal liability for the tortfeasor – the person who commits the tortious act. The wrongs [...]

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The Complexity of Statutes of Limitations

It is said that “justice delayed is justice denied”. One tool employed to reduce lengthy delays is a statute of limitations. These statutes sets a time limit on a plaintiff's right to file a civil case in court. Generally speaking, the “clock” will start ticking on the date of the injury, defect, or loss or discovery of the harm. Under [...]

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Hospital Falls: Medical Malpractice or Premises Liability?

Patient falls are a frequent cause of hospital injuries. An estimated 700,000 to 1,000,000 falls occur in United States hospitals every year, causing about 250,000 injuries and as many as 11,000 deaths. It is estimated that one-third of all hospital falls are preventable.   Injuries sustained In addition to fatalities, falls at a hospital can result in serious injuries including: [...]

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Physician Liability for a Patient’s Harm and a Third Party

All healthcare providers — physicians, nurses, therapists, etc. — owe a duty of care to the patient.  In some instances, the provider also owes a duty of care to a third party. As evidenced by the following cases, these types of cases can be rather complex. They are best handled by experienced attorneys such as Jonathan Comitz and the team [...]

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Estate Administration: Winding Up An Estate

Administration of an estate involves the management of the assets and liabilities of someone who has died. Typically, a will designates a personal representative (executor) to administer the estate. If an executor isn’t named, the court will appoint an administrator, who serves as the personal representative. There are three ways that assets can pass to surviving heirs: Operation of [...]

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The Perils of Overprescribed Medications

“It takes a wise doctor to know when not to prescribe, and at times the greater skill consists in not applying remedies.” So proclaimed Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracián. Four centuries later, Gracián would have been taken aback by the overprescribing taking place in the United States. Overprescribing is defined as “providing more drugs than are necessary or in dosages that [...]

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Motorcycle Accidents: An Increasingly Deadly Problem

Motorcycles provide riders with a feeling of freedom. But the vehicle’s very nature that fuels that feeling also leave riders prone to fatal injuries. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that motorcyclists are almost thirty times more likely to experience a fatal crash than those in a passenger vehicle per mile traveled. A study released in [...]

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