Pennsylvania Liquor License

Opening a new business prompts feelings of excitement, energy, and anticipation. Those emotions, however, can quickly turn to tension, agitation, and fear due to overwhelming paperwork and government regulation. This is especially the case for securing, transferring, or maintaining alcohol and liquor licensing in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, alcohol and liquor licensing is controlled by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“LCB”). The LCB regulates the sale of alcohol through its regulatory licensing programs. The LCB is a governmental agency that has binding administrative powers a proprietor must adhere to. Whether you are opening a nightclub, brewery, brew pub, bar, restaurant, winery, or any combination thereof, mastery of the LCB’s myriad of regulations is a requirement. Failure to adhere to the PALCB can penalize and delay your business, which cuts your bottom line and costs you time and money. Make no mistake, the LCB is powerful but workable if you have a lawyer knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the LCB.

That is why you need us to help you in your alcohol and liquor licensing endeavors. The lawyers at Comitz Law, have extensive experience navigating the regulations of the LCB, working with experts in the field of alcohol licensing, and have the knowledge and ability to quickly secure your licensing needs. In fact, Comitz Law is the only local law firm to recently handle a brewery / brew pub licensing matter. Brewery / brew pub licensing is perhaps the most complex of licensing and requires in-depth knowledge of not only the LCB’s regulations but also the intimate requirements of the United States Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Securing the proper licensing is one thing, maintaining it another. Often times, licensees are sanctioned by the LCB for perceived violations of the LCB’s regulations. This can have the impact of getting shut down. The lawyers at Comitz Law will litigate on your behalf to keep you in business and keep your license.

Whether it is working with the LCB to secure your licensing needs or fighting for your rights to sell alcohol, Comitz Law understands alcohol and liquor licensing in Pennsylvania. We understand your business needs. We can keep you in business, get your business going, and keep you in compliance with the LCB.