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The scenario is all too familiar: an insured pays his or her premiums for years thinking they have the insurance protection they were sold by their agent. Then, life changes and something goes wrong. The insured looks to his or her insurance company for help and things get worse. Suddenly, all those premium payments mean nothing and the insurance company does what it can to either not pay your claim or to pay as little as possible.

Under Pennsylvania law, insurance companies are required to pay insurance claims in a proper and timely manner. Because the insurance industry is a profit-driven industry, however, some companies will do whatever they can to save money, even if this cost-cutting comes at the expense of their policy holders. When an insurance company unreasonably delays and/or denies payment of an insurance claim, this is considered “bad faith.” An insurance company acting in bad faith is likely in violation of both its own policies and Pennsylvania law, and an experienced insurance dispute attorney will see that they are held accountable.

At Comitz Law Firm, LLC, we know how frustrating it can be, as a policy holder, to discover that the coverage you are paying for isn’t providing the level of protection it has promised. Some examples of unfair tactics employed by insurance companies include refusing to pay a claim, unreasonable delay of payment, and settling a claim for less than it is worth. No matter the type of insurance claim in question, whether it is a personal injury claim, fire claim or a claim involving a personal or commercial property loss, you’ll need an attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies.

Insurance companies will always have experienced attorneys on their side, and they will do whatever they can to save themselves money in negotiating payment on your claim. To ensure that your insurance claim dispute is settled in a just and expedient manner, you should seek the advice of an insurance law attorney right away.

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