PA Workers’ Compensation Medical Questions

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Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys at Comitz Law Firm, LLC, provide answers to frequently-asked medical questions.

Do you have to see a company doctor for medical treatment of a work-related injury?

If your employer posts a list of company doctors at your place of work, you must see one of these doctors during the first 90 days of treatment. If you fail or refuse to do so, your medical bills may not be covered under workers’ compensation.

Once 90 days have passed since you first saw your employer’s workers’ compensation doctor, you may choose your own doctor (and you must notify the workers’ compensation carrier within 5 days of choosing your own doctor). Your employer may still request that you one of its doctors once every 6 months.

If your employer does not post a list of company doctors at your place of work, you may see your own doctor from the very start of your medical treatment after sustaining a work injury or illness.

What if your employer’s doctor releases you to go back to work but your own doctor disagrees?

In this situation, you can refuse to go back to work. If you do not return to work, your employer will most likely file a “Petition to Terminate, Modify, or Suspend Benefits.” You will continue to receive your workers’ compensation payments until a hearing is scheduled for a judge to review your case.

What if your own doctor says you can go back to work, but you feel like you are unable to return to work?

If you do not have another doctor who agrees with you, your workers’ compensation benefits will be in jeopardy by refusing to return to work.

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