Penn State Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

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Penn State Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Penn State Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

For decades, trusted Penn State officials, administrators, coaches, and other personnel failed to address one of their own – assistant coach Jerry Sandusky – for allegedly sexually abusing children entrusted to his care.

View the Grand Jury Report (PDF)

View the 12/7 Sandusky Presentment (PDF)

Instead of ending the abuse by taking actions within the institution and notifying law enforcement, the Penn State leadership stood idle and allowed additional victims to fall prey to a terrible predator.  Unchecked by law, countless children were abused throughout the years.  Finally, many who were abused have begun to come forward to let others know about what really happened.

If you were sexually abused as a child by any representative of Penn State University or The Second Mile, a lawyer can be instrumental in helping you send a message that this abuse cannot and will not be tolerated.  Moreover, a lawyer can help you recover financially for your injuries.  Such action can help you continue the emotional and psychological healing that you need.  Additionally, a lawsuit can maintain focus on this terrible problem and hopefully prevent others from being victims of abuse as well.  Comitz Law Firm, LLC can help individuals who have suffered from sexual abuse.

Can I file a Penn State Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Comitz Law Firm will fully investigate your claim and the circumstances surrounding your abuse.  As was typical in the Catholic Church sex abuse cases, high ranking officials who had knowledge of the sexual abuse taking place did nothing about it, and created an environment that encouraged and allowed abuse to flourish.  Comitz Law Firm will work with a team of investigators to closely examine who knew, or should have known, about the sexual abuse taking place, and ensure that those individuals and parties are held accountable.

If you were a victim of sexual abuse by a former Penn State employee, contact our office toll free at (855) 589-9458 for a free, confidential consultation about your potential case. You may be entitled to compensation for your suffering and Attorney Comitz can help.