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Motor Vehicle Accidents. An accident involving a large truck may involve multiple defendants. Those defendants can include the truck driver, the truck driver’s employer, owner of the truck, owner of the trailer, manufacturer of the truck, trailer, or components, company leasing the truck, maintenance/repair companies, freight loading contractors, and even governmental agencies responsible for unsafe road conditions. (Suing these agencies presents its own challenge due to the immunity they enjoy. In addition, shorter statutes of limitation for these type of claims can be problematic.)

Medical Malpractice. Issues such as pre-existing conditions can make medical malpractice cases even more complicated than normal. Medical equipment malfunctions can also be a factor in the injury. This could give rise to a product liability claim.

Personal Injury. A personal injury case may involve negligence on the part of the defendant and the plaintiff.  An example might be a worker who is injured while not wearing protective equipment. In the distant past, such “contributory negligence” would have barred the plaintiff from recovering damages. However, in 1976, Pennsylvania adopted a modified comparative negligence statute. Under this standard, negligence does not bar recovery if the plaintiff is less than 51 percent at fault. But damages are diminished to the extent that the plaintiff was at fault.

Family Law. Typically, an emotionally charged event, a divorce proceeding can lend itself to complications. Disagreements often arise over what constitutes marital property. In Pennsylvania, the law governing the division of property adds to the complexity. When child custody is involved, the high stakes can result in bitter disputes and heart-breaking outcomes.

Business Litigation. The outcome in a business dispute can turn on something as seemingly innocuous as a missing comma. In a 2017 case, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit examined the language addressing exemptions to a state overtime law.  One provision contained the phrase “packing for shipment or distribution”. The plaintiff truck drivers contended that, in combination, these words refer to the single activity of packing whether that activity is conducted for the purpose of shipment or for distribution. Because there was no comma after the word shipment, the Court agreed. As a result, the drivers won a $5 million settlement.

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